The Best FM is a music radio which, as its name suggests, broadcasts the best music from the 60s to the present day, focusing on the 70s, 80s, 90s. Every song played is an absolute hit from the last 60 years of pop music.

With a global reach that continues to grow, The Best FM captivates audiences from every corner of the world. Tune in from the comfort of your own location through our website or various webradio aggregators. Our IP listenership is constantly expanding, making us a favorite choice for music lovers worldwide.

The Oldies Music format characterizes the target of listeners of The Best FM in a range of age beetween 35 and 80 years old, all potential customers. The jingles and spots only in English and German language characterize the international audience.

The radio is suitable for any type of business. The challenge is to identify the right communication strategy and choose the most suitable broadcasters and radio products. In particular, the radio is suitable for the promotion of events, special offers and all those initiatives that required rapid and intense communication. Furthermore, radio can effectively contribute to brand awareness, especially when included in a medium-long term integrated communication plan.

Some market research shows that radio advertising, if used in synergy with internet communication, offers a decidedly higher response than that obtainable by using only one of the two media. Radio and internet are two very different but perfectly complementary means.

The advertising communication, therefore, can start from the radio spot and be completed on a web page created ad hoc. The radio captures the listener’s attention, provides him with information perceived as relevant and brings him to the internet. Once on the web site, the listener/visitor has the opportunity to obtain further details on the promoted product/service and, if necessary, to carry out a specific action (make a purchase, fill out a form, subscribe to a newsletter , etc).

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